Digital School

Digital school is a platform for learning, teaching, communication and cooperation in the digital environment. It constitutes the basis for creating a secure, supportive, efficient and comprehensive digital education system. The digital school is designed to bring together learning resources for children and adolescents, parents, guardians, carers, teachers and other professionals in the education system. In this way, its original concept was expanded and, especially in the Digital Classroom segment which is based on the Learning Passport platform, enriched with a multitude of digital materials for different users. The digital school includes both an information portal and a web directory of online educational resources.

Digital school framework (PDF)

Who is the Digital school intended for?

Digital School services provide learning support to children, encourage cooperation and communication. In addition to supporting the use of Microsoft 365 programs and services, in the digital classroom children and adolescents have access to a variety of educational materials that can complement school learning, but can also be part of informal education. In addition, contents and services intended for children and adolescents with disabilities have also been developed.

  • Learning is fun
  • Study when you like
  • Study at your own pace
  • School in your pocket

Recommended courses for children and adolescents

Parents and guardians will find a multitude of materials at the Digital School, especially in the Digital Classroom segment, that they can use when providing support to children in the situation of distance learning, but also during regular classes in schools. Accordingly, instructions for the use of digital tools were prepared, as well as detailed suggestions for independent learning with the child in the first cycle of primary school, and various contents intended for parenting support were developed.

  • Parental support
  • 2.  Interactive content 
  • Learning instructions
  • School on the web

Recommended courses for parents

The digital school provides support to educators, teachers and professional associates in their educational work. In addition to the content for students, which can be used in the teaching process, in the Digital Classroom the teaching staff can also find self-guided training in all areas of work of the school, with special emphasis on work procedures and support for inclusion. Detailed information on Office 365 digital tools for work, communication and collaboration is also available on the platform.

  •  Instructions and procedures
  • Knowledge checks/ tests
  • Professional development
  • Competence development

Recommended courses for teaching staff

Digital Classroom

Designed to be easily accessible to all, Digital Classroom is a treasure trove of diverse and quality educational content for children, adolescents, their parents, educators and teachers. All learning materials are carefully selected and grouped into categories according to areas and user groups. The digital classroom allows you to see at any given moment what lessons and courses you have passed, as well as what else awaits you. It can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet or computer. It is based on the concept of the Learning Passport Platform, developed by UNICEF, Microsoft and the University of Cambridge, and currently used in many countries around the world.

Digital Classroom

Digital tools

The Ministry of Education, Science and Innovation, in cooperation with the UNICEF Office in Montenegro, has developed recommendations for the work of schools in the situation of distance learning, which set the framework for the use of digital tools for distance learning and cooperation - based on Microsoft 365 software package and Microsoft Teams program. In addition to teacher training, video instructions for using the Microsoft Teams program at school were created. With the development of the online platform, the concept of the Digital School has been further improved and adapted to the needs of schools and preschool institutions.

Featured digital tools Teams guides

Type of learning content in the Digital Classroom

Different types of content for work and learning are grouped into lessons, courses and categories, making it easier to search the platform. Here are some types of digital content that you can find in the Digital Classroom:

Audio & video lessons

In addition to classes recorded within the #učidoma initiative, the platform contains videos from various fields, as well as DAISY audio-visual materials intended for all children, especially the visually impaired, as well as children with dyslexia and dysgraphia.

Exercises and tests

In addition to various multimedia materials, a large number of courses in the Digital Classroom also contain exercises for independent work at home, as well as short quizzes, knowledge tests and final tests to check what has been learned.

Interactive games

Educational games, quizzes, questions, puzzles and other interesting interactive tasks and exercises, always accompanied by sound recordings, enable children and parents to be active and have fun learning.

Plans and instructions

The learning platform contains a multitude of documents in PDF and Word format, suitable for reading and printing. Books in electronic form, manuals, instructions, plans and other types of materials are available.

How to access the Digital Classroom?

To access the learning content, you need to have a school Microsoft 365 user account and use it to log in to the Digital Classroom. The process is quick and easy, and at the same time allows free access to all Microsoft 365 services.

Instructions for using Digital Classroom

Frequently asked questions

All user accounts for teachers, children and students are created by the kindergarten and school. In case of any problem with the user account, only the kindergarten/ school can make the necessary interventions.

The teaching staff has been granted an Office 365 A1 for Faculty license, and in schools that have additional licenses, they also have the Office 365 A1 Plus for Faculty license, which allows the installation of the Microsoft 365 software package on five personal devices.

Children and adolescents are assigned an Office 365 A1 for Students license, and in schools that have this option, they also get an Office 365 A1 Plus for Students license, which allows you to install the Microsoft 365 software package on five personal devices.

The Digital Classroom is designed in the form of self-guided courses that allow everyone to adjust the pace of learning to their needs and abilities. In order to be able to interrupt and continue working, as well as to monitor the use of the learning platform over a longer period of time, it is necessary to have a user account.

The Digital Classroom is a quality source of useful information for a wide group of users and represents an important learning resource. However, Digionica is conceived exclusively as a supplement to the regular teaching process, the existing framework of continuous professional development of teachers and as a source of educational content in the field of informal education.

If you have ideas and suggestions regarding the creation of additional courses in the Digital Classroom in any field, or you have your own materials that you think should be included in the platform, please contact the school ICT coordinator and send us an email at

If you have problems using the platform and you can not find the answer on the site, contact us by email.