School digital environment for work and distance learning

The Ministry of Education, Science and Innovation, in cooperation with the UNICEF office in Montenegro, implemented a program aimed at applying tools for online collaboration and learning (Microsoft 365) and improving the Education Information System (MEIS) through the development of electronic services.

A concept and framework for distance learning based on the Microsoft 365 service was created, which enables the realization of all school activities in a safe and inclusive digital environment

Digital School framework

A set of training activities for the use of the Microsoft Teams application in teaching was launched, which included a number of teachers from all primary and secondary schools in Montenegro

As a form of school support, video instructions for ICT coordinators, teaching staff, students and parents, were created on how to use Microsoft Teams in the situation of teleworking/ distance learning.

Teams video guides

What is Microsoft Teams classroom?

The organization of distance learning in schools is based on the Microsoft Teams program. Teams Virtual Classroom is a digital environment for communication and collaboration that enables easy and efficient interaction of all school team members. In addition to scheduling and holding online classes, the teacher can share with students all the necessary learning materials and give them detailed instructions for independent work within the virtual classroom, with the possibility of sharing various multimedia content, homework, tests, as teaching materials in the Digital Classroom, which can be accessed directly from the Teams program.

Downloading program for different platforms

Teams can be used in Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS environments.

The web version of Teams can be used from any modern internet browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox…):


The desktop version of Microsoft Teams allows you to use all the features of the program, with a high level of integration with other Microsoft 365 services.


Downloading the free app from the Google Store allows you to access Teams, using a smartphone using Android 8 (Oreo) or newer operating system.

Apple ioS

Downloading the free app from the Apple Store is quick and easy, and allows you to use Teams on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.            

To use Microsoft Teams on any supported device, you must use a Microsoft Office 365 account created by a school or kindergarten and used for all Digital School services.

The user account is always in the format: 
The ICT coordinator is responsible for creating and maintaining user accounts in schools.


Video-instructions for the use of Microsoft Teams program

Management instructions

Microsoft 365 i Microsoft Teams u školi

Instructions for ICT coordinators

Koraci u postupku kreiranja tima
Kanali u Microsoft Teams timovima
Kreiranje korisničkog naloga za nastavnike u Microsoft 365 Education
Podešavanje jezika Microsoft 365
Praćenje školskih aktivnosti u Microsoft 365 centru za bezbjednost

Kreiranje korisničkog naloga i dodavanje licence korisniku

Instructions for teachers

Dodavanja članova u tim odjeljenja u programu Microsoft Teams

Komunikacija u Teams učionici
Kreiranje zadataka za učenike u programu Microsoft Teams
Kreiranje i zadavanje testova učenicima u programu Microsoft Teams
Pregledanje i ocjenjivanje zadataka u programu Microsoft Teams
Zakazivanje sastanaka u programu Microsoft Teams
Objave i obavještenja u programu Microsoft Teams
Komunikacija putem tekstualnih poruka u programu Microsoft Teams
Korišćenje dokument centra u programu Microsoft Teams
Anketna pitanja za učesnike tokom sastanka
Prikazivanje PowerPoint prezentacije tokom Teams sastanka
Korišćenje bijele table u programu Teams
Rad u grupama tokom Microsoft Teams sastanaka i časova
Podešavanja i kontrola sastanaka u programu Microsoft Teams
Pohvale u Teams-u

Instructions for students and parents

Microsoft 365 i Microsoft Teams - Prvi koraci
Osnovna podešavanja programa Microsoft Teams
Slanje zadatka nastavniku u programu Microsoft Teams - postojeći dokument
Slanje zadatka nastavniku u programu Microsoft Teams - novi dokument