News from the Digital Classroom


Little Red Riding Hood

"Little Red Riding Hood" is the first digital reading material available to our students, multimedia educational content for students published by the Institute for Textbooks and Teaching Aids - Podgorica.
This e-book for the first graders can be viewed and listened to  in Digionica by all school students, and it is also available to children of preschool age. The fairy tale is accompanied by eight fun games, activities with which children can have fun playing, but also check how well they have remembered and understood the story.

NetFriends in the Digital Classroom!

As part of the UNICEF and Montenegrin Government's “Stop Online Violence” campaign, children aged 9-11 received the NETfriends application to learn how to use the Internet safely. 

The game takes the form of a quiz and guides children through real life situations on the internet by teaching them to recognize, prevent, stop and report violence on the internet. Click to access the game in the Digital Classroom. Click to access the game in Digital Classroom.

Interactive games for preschool children

180 interactive games have been created for the needs of the Digital Classroom.

Educational activities intended for parents and educators intensively involve parents in the early learning process and thus make educators and parents partners. Their goal is to support parents in spending quality time with their children in a digital environment. The games are developmentally and thematically harmonized with the preschool education program, so educators can use them as a supplement to their regular work. These are the first digital contents created to support the realization of educational work.

Special Olympics

You can also find the materials of the Special Olympics program in the Digital Classroom.

Within this course, basic information about the program itself is available, and the practices/trainings are recorded.

"Young Athletes" is a sports program within the Special Olympics intended for children with or without intellectual disabilities in the age group of two to seven years. The program offers children activities and games that are aligned with the skills and abilities of each child, while also allowing them to play and have fun in an inclusive environment.

Khan Academy in the Digital Classroom

The Digital Classroom will soon feature content from the Khan Academy aimed at stimulating early math and logic skills.